Partner Highlight: Alex Maron of Hatch

We have been lucky to call Hatch a partner of ours for years now, and we recently spoke with their Program Director, Alex Maron. Alex is both a truly global citizen and seasoned fertility professional, and we loved hearing more about her unique take on all things third-party fertility. She shares her experiences helping intended parents, Hatch’s guiding mission, and more thoughts about the fertility space. Read on!

What sparked your interest in the fertility space? 

I have had friends deal with infertility and when I came across the opportunity to work in the field I was very excited to do so. I was very lucky to start under the tutelage of an amazing woman who was a pioneer as she was the first to offer egg donation as an organized service.

When did you begin working in fertility? 

I started 14 years ago! Our founder started Hatch’s program in 1991 and has since retired.

What is Hatch’s mission? What was your goal when you started and how has that changed?

We believe hopeful parents struggling with infertility who want to have a family should have that option. And we’re devoted to ensuring that intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors alike have the most rewarding experience possible throughout their journeys. Our motivation comes from helping intended parents bring newborns into the world, giving donors and surrogates the opportunity to contribute to a loving family, and making all participants’ dreams come true. This has remained to be our goal to this day. We have perfected the process throughout the years and building strong bonds with outstanding professionals has been incredibly helpful to our Intended Parents.

What have you learned over the years at Hatch? 

Compassion, understanding and empathy to the journey that so many loving parents have to endure to achieve their goal to build their family. This is not a field that many know unless they have to personally deal with it.

What advice do you have for intended parents beginning the egg donation process? 

Doing research is key. Unfortunately, there are many small and large agencies out there that cut corners. We’ve established and stay faithful to very high standards, which are still considered best practices for the field. Making sure the decision feels right, to find the right donor for you can take time, lots of energy and can feel daunting. Trusting your agency to help guide you will take a lot of pressure off the process. Also understanding that low cost doesn’t necessarily mean better, some times you really do get what you pay for.

Why do you do what you do? What makes the hard work worth it? 

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped a loving parent reach that goal to hold their long awaited child. Being a mother myself I cannot imagine what it must feel like to not have that chance. We have had so many different types of Intended Parents that have gone through many different situations that brought them to us and it is priceless to know we had such an impact in their lives.

Are there any changes you’ve noticed over the years in the world of egg donation? 

Overall there has been more regulation which is good, this has been quite an unregulated space for a while. We have seen many agencies start up and close soon after due to lack of knowledge and preparation. We have certainly noticed it be more mainstream of a subject and less taboo which we are happy to see.

What makes Hatch different or special compared to other egg donor programs? 

Our longevity, ethical structure and rigorous screening process.


More about Alex Maron: Alex was born in Paris, France and grew up in Spain. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she moved to Los Angeles at 13 to pursue modeling. Since then, she has worked in fashion and art and had 3 amazing children of her own. Alex began working at Hatch over a decade ago, and loves working with an amazing team of women to help couples transform their lives and achieve their dream of starting a family. 

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