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Finding the right egg donor is hard, and if you’re looking for a specific race or ethnicity, it can be even harder. That’s why we created Tulip – to give hopeful parents as many egg donor options as possible. If you’re looking for the best African American egg donor for your family, you’ve come to the right place.

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Height:5ft 7inch(es)
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Education:Currently in School
Height:5ft 5inch(es)
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Hazel
Education:Some College
Ethnicity:African American, German
Height:5ft 9inch(es)
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Black
Education:Bachelor-level Graduate
Ethnicity:African American
Height:5ft 4inch(es)
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Education:Some College
Ethnicity:African American, Ethiopian
Height:5ft 10inch(es)
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Black
Education:Bachelor-level Graduate
Ethnicity:African American
Height:5ft 6inch(es)
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
Education:Advanced Degree
Ethnicity:Somalian, Swedish
Height:5ft 3inch(es)
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Education:Some College
Ethnicity:African American
Height:5ft 6inch(es)
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Hazel
Education:Bachelor-level Graduate
Ethnicity:African American, Dutch
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More About African American Egg Donors


Over 200 African American donors on the Tulip platform are available in California

In Demand

African American egg donors are an in demand search on other donor databases


Over 70% of the African American egg donors on Tulip are pursuing higher education degrees

Tulip Fertility makes it easy to find your donor.

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Tulip Testimonials

I really appreciate all your help because finding someone of my ethnicity is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks to you and the team for helping us get to this point after what has been a very long journey.

– Joanna and Victor

I entered this process unsure and fast forward to now – we’ve begun our cycle! Thank you Tulip!

– Rebecca and James

It was hard signing up and searching so many egg donor agencies just to find one or two possible egg donors for us. Tulip has given us so many more options.

– Shay and Michael

African American Egg Donors

With over 1,300 African American egg donors on our database, choosing the best candidate for your family might feel overwhelming. We know you probably have other criteria in mind: an educated egg donor, a local egg donor, or even an egg donor without certain health conditions. Every egg donor search is different, but we have years of experience helping intended parents find their best match.  We know the egg donor search can be tough, so we’re breaking down our frequently asked questions about African American egg donors.

How do I find an African American egg donor on the Tulip database?

You can easily search Tulip by your criteria. You’ll be able to see every African American egg donor in the Tulip database when you check African American and/or Black under the Race search category. 

Can I find an African American egg donor with a specific ethnic background?

Absolutely. You can easily search for donors of a given ethnicity by checking the corresponding box(es) under the Ethnicity search category. If you want more in-depth information on a donor’s ethnicity, you can sign up for Tulip Premium and connect with your top donor’s agency for details.

I know I’m looking for an African American egg donor, but I’m not sure what else to look for. Help!

Every hopeful parent is looking for a young woman who is healthy and happy to donate her eggs. Your other priorities – location, cost, education and more – are worth weighing, but we encourage you to keep it as simple as you can! You can run multiple searches to get a sense of your options, but you should choose the donor that you feel fits into your family best. 

I’ve found donors I like. Can I save the profiles to browse later?

You can save an egg donor to your portfolio by clicking the Add to Portfolio button on her profile. When you navigate to your portfolio, you can remove a donor, contact her agency, and more.

I’ve found my perfect egg donor. How do I move forward?

Sign Up for Tulip Premium to request an introduction with your top donor’s agency. Her agency contact will share additional information and walk you through next steps!

How does Tulip compare to other egg donor databases?

Tulip is the largest egg donor database, representing 90% of U.S. egg donors, and we’re always working to expand our options. Our team has over a decade of experience helping hopeful parents find their perfect egg donors, and we’re committed to expanding access to fertility with our proprietary tools and expert guidance. 

Many people of color struggle to find an egg donor match and may feel underrepresented by the donor options they’ve seen. By uniting hundreds of clinic and agency egg donor programs on one platform, we hope to give parents the best egg donor options possible. 

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