How to navigate Tulip

We’ve spent decades helping intended parents find egg donors, and over the years our team has developed powerful tools to aid in the search. With Tulip, we’re giving those tools directly to you! Searching for an egg donor can feel daunting, but we’re making it as simple as possible. For instructions on how to navigate our platform, look no further.

The Search

All users have access to Tulip’s powerful search functionality. You can quickly sort through thousands of egg donor candidates by checking off your ideal criteria.

Saved Searches

Your first search is automatically saved to your Saved Searches. Premium Members can create additional saved searches and get alerts when new donors match a search!

The Portfolio

As a Premium Member, you can save the donors you like to your portfolio. There, you can sort your top candidates using the “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” functions. You can leave notes on donors with the comment function and leave comments on your overall portfolio.

The Coaches

Every Premium Member is assigned to a Tulip Coach, who can answer any questions as you search. You can contact your Tulip Coach through the messaging function. You can also ask your coach a question directly within your portfolio.


Once you’ve decided on your top egg donor candidates, you can request a match! This will put you directly in contact with the egg donor’s agency. You’ll be able to message the agency representative securely and ask all the questions you need to confirm the match and go over next steps. Premium Members are able to request up to two matches per month.

It’s that simple! After confirming the match with your donor’s agency, you will begin next steps including legal contracts, genetic screenings and more. And don’t worry – if you get confused or have questions throughout the process, our expert Tulip Coaches are here to answer all your questions. We’ve got your back. Welcome to Tulip!

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    Upgrade to concierge level membership

    For additional support and personalized, hands-on service, try Donor Concierge

    At the concierge level, our team of expert case managers curate a list of available donors for you and liaise with the agencies on your behalf. We help you find the right match quickly - usually within 2-3 weeks - enabling you to begin your egg donor cycle faster.