Your Tulip Coach

A different kind
of life coach

A great coach brings out your best searches.

You might need some help navigating the world’s largest egg donor platform – we've helped thousands of people do the same. Your Tulip Coach will offer guidance on your search as you need it, shining a light on all aspects of the process.

What Your Coach Can Do

  • Help you get started with donor search filters
  • Answer questions about agencies
  • Talk through clinic requirements
  • Suggest new ideas if you’re stuck

Coach Credentials

  • Years of experience in third-party fertility
  • Familiarity with agency and clinic processes
  • Intimate knowledge of medical clinic requirements
    and fertility timelines
  • Kind, empathetic human

What should you ask a coach?

Only you know what you’re looking for, but we can help get you there. There are FAQs, and then there are QYSAs (Questions You Should Ask). These questions can help intended parents understand how to frame this personal search with us.

What should I look for in an egg donor?

Start with the basics: Is the donor herself healthy, and does she come from a healthy family background? Is she within the age range required by your clinic? Does she have qualities about her that make you like her as a person? And finally, is she someone you might like to be friends with, or at least sit down to talk with over coffee?

How much time is this all going to take?

Plan for a timeline of about 2-3 months from your match to your donor’s retrieval. Give yourself some time to search for your donor using the Tulip database – but remember that donors sometimes get matched quickly.

Can I use a donor from a fertility clinic program?

Absolutely. Tulip hosts several clinic donor egg databases. You'll need to work directly with that clinic. Don't worry, we'll connect you through the Tulip platform.

Need more help finding a donor?

Our Tulip coaches are helpful and responsive, but sometimes users need more hands-on assistance. Luckily, Tulip was founded by Donor Concierge, a premier service that can offer even more support and guidance on your fertility journey, as well conduct the search on your behalf based on the criteria you outline.

Learn more about Donor Concierge here.

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    At the concierge level, our team of expert case managers curate a list of available donors for you and liaise with the agencies on your behalf. We help you find the right match quickly - usually within 2-3 weeks - enabling you to begin your egg donor cycle faster.