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Meet Camille Guaty and learn about her donor journey.


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Camille Guaty: My Egg Donation Story

We always hear stories about people getting pregnant so easily – the first time they try. “He just looks at me and I get pregnant!” But the reality isn’t always […]

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Egg donor anonymity

Intended parents are often surprised at the complex legal processes involved in working with an egg donor. We turned to fertility law expert Rich Vaughn of International Fertility Law Group […]

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We started Tulip to bring 25 years of experience and access directly to you.

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For us, our donor search has been a surprising, exciting, befuddling, and unpredictable adventure. We would have been at sea without you. I wish everyone could have someone with your wisdom and understanding while they search for a donor. Thank you so much! – Japanese/Caucasian couple

I really appreciate all your help because finding someone of my ethnicity is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks to you and the team for helping us get to this point after what has been a very long journey. – J and V, Dallas

What nice IP’s they are! Thank you for sending them my way. I have just put the official match together and sent to all parties. Always a pleasure working with you! -Susan, Donor Agency Match Coordinator

Just want to share the good news, the baby arrived a few days ago. Thank you so much for your kind help to make our dream come true! – Kristen, London UK

You played a huge role in the process. I would not have found the egg donor without you…it was so daunting and overwhelming and never have I felt the weight of such an important decision. – M, single mom from Palo Alto

Once I felt like I was picking a person and not just a bunch of “inheritable traits,” then somehow it became a clear choice. We’ll be able to tell our child that we chose an egg donor who is adventurous and brave and really loves living her life. Thanks so much again for your guidance – L, author from Los Angeles

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