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Tulip has
strong roots

When it comes to finding an egg donor, trust the experts.

We started Tulip to empower every hopeful parent to find their perfect egg donor. Our founder, Gail Sexton Anderson, started in this field 25 years ago, and has helped thousands of families find egg donors, surrogates, and sperm donors.

Here's how we grew Tulip

2006: Donor Concierge Founded

Donor Concierge, the premier fertility concierge™ service, was launched to help intended parents find their ideal donors and surrogates. Since then, the trust has been earned: over 60% of Donor Concierge’s clients are referred by fertility professionals.

“I founded Donor Concierge to create a safe place to explore the myriad decisions in finding a donor or a surrogate. It’s an overwhelming process and people waste precious time and money trying to navigate it on their own.”

— Gail Sexton Anderson, Founder

2020: Tulip Launches

Our team has always sought to help hopeful parents navigate third-party fertility and find the perfect donor for their family. But many of today’s parents want to tackle the process themselves. We wanted to give them the tools they need to succeed.

With Tulip, we united both halves of the third-party fertility process on a single DIY platform. Say goodbye to limited donor pools, gatekeeping, and barriers. Say hello to the largest database of egg donors, and a platform backed by coaching support.

“With Tulip, hopeful parents have greater choice, more transparency and confidence to move ahead with their donor egg cycle.”

— Gail Sexton Anderson, Founder

What's Next

We’ve started with the largest donor egg database, but we’re also experts in surrogacy and sperm donation. We’re on a mission to make Tulip the place to start your third party journey, and are working hard to share our trusted network of fertility professionals with everyone.

The Tulip Team

Our team includes third-party fertility experts, technology leaders, and marketing superstars. The common thread? A commitment to help others grow their families.


Gail Sexton Anderson
CEO, Founder


Terrell Anderson


Michelle Laurie
VP, Business Development


Sophie Steinbock
Product Director


Nina McCullough
Marketing Manager


Jonathan Stowe

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    Upgrade to concierge level membership

    For additional support and personalized, hands-on service, try Donor Concierge

    At the concierge level, our team of expert case managers curate a list of available donors for you and liaise with the agencies on your behalf. We help you find the right match quickly - usually within 2-3 weeks - enabling you to begin your egg donor cycle faster.