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How to find an egg donor

There are three typical paths to finding an egg donor – clinic, frozen egg bank, or egg donor agency. Clinics are less expensive and have pre-screened, pre-approved donors but often […]

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Egg donation: getting started

Looking to another person to help create your family can feel like a huge step. The egg donation process can raise many issues for couples, singles and families, so don’t […]

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Agency vs. Clinic Egg Donors

The Tulip database accesses egg donor agency databases and fertility clinic in-house donor programs. Here are some pros and cons of working with an agency donor vs. a clinic program. […]

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Who needs an egg donor?

All kinds of intended parents choose egg donation as the way to build their families. LGBT+ couples, single parents, couples experiencing fertility issues, hopeful parents with genetic illnesses and more […]

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What is egg donation?

Egg donation is the process in which someone provides their eggs (oocytes) in order to help another person conceive. Egg donation is a medical process in which an egg or […]

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