How to use your Tulip Fertility coach

Your Tulip Coach is an expert in egg donation and the Tulip platform. She’s there to guide you as you search for egg donors, contact egg donor agencies and decide on the best donor for you.

Your coach will start by giving you tips on how to use Tulip, plus some ideas about what to look for in a donor.  She’ll be able to help you decide on which donors might work best for your family, or give you guidance on how the egg donation process works and what you can expect. 

If you are having trouble narrowing down your donor candidates, ask your Tulip Coach for help! Many of our Tulip parents also wonder what exactly an egg donor agency does?  And why are some donors available for a fresh cycle, but others only have frozen donor eggs available? 

Your Tulip Coach can also give you guidance on some of the fears you may have about doing an egg donor cycle.  While we’re not mental health therapists, we have a vast number of resources we can give you for support including talking to your child about their origins, connecting with other donor-conceived families and learning more about open id/non-anonymous egg donation.

Here are some of the more typical questions we hear from Tulip parents.

Why don’t the egg donor agencies list the costs involved?

The costs involved with using an egg donor can vary based on many things. If your donor doesn’t live near your clinic, there will be costs for her to travel.  Compensation can vary depending on what each donor is requesting. There may be elevated medical fees if the donor needs to be monitored at a clinic near her home. 

What questions should I ask the agency?

The most important questions to ask the egg donor agency are: Is the donor available? Is she willing to travel? What are the costs to work with your agency and this donor?   You’ll need to let them know 

How much is this going to cost?

There are lots of unknown costs involved in egg donation. Check out our egg donor cost calculator! 

Do all of the egg donors have genetic carrier screening results available?

Egg donors who are donating through a fertility clinic will often have their fertility health and genetic testing done prior to matching.  Few egg donor agencies do this testing, so that will be done after you match with her. However, if a donor has done a cycle before, it’s likely she’s had some genetic carrier screening completed. Ask the agency if they have these results and if they can be sent to your fertility clinic.

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