Find an egg donor in 2023

If you’re starting the egg donor search in 2023, you are not alone: the new year is always the most popular time for parents to begin their egg donor search. We see a big increase in sign-ups and activity on Tulip Fertility’s side, and we know that the vast majority of fertility clinics and fertility professionals experience higher volume in the first months of the year as well. If your goal is to find an egg donor in 2023, we have the information and advice you need to know.

Processing your emotions

The biggest delay in the egg donor search process usually doesn’t come from the fertility clinic or egg donor agency. Often, it comes from hopeful parents who are struggling to make a decision. Some hopeful parents may begin their search without fully processing their emotions around using an egg donor to conceive. Luckily, though, there are resources for support on this journey.

Whether you are a hopeful single parent, same-sex couple, or hopeful parents who have experienced infertility, the egg donor selection process may bring up unexpected emotions. We encourage you to work with a specialized professional to address any struggles you may have. It can also help to join communities online or in-person who share support during the family-building process. We want everyone who decides to find an egg donor in 2023 to feel prepared and confident! Making sure you have support, tools, and resources in place for your emotions will help you move through the egg donor search more quickly.

Defining your criteria

Many hopeful parents come to Tulip because they have struck out finding an egg donor of their background, while others sign up for Tulip for our free egg donor database to begin their search. No matter what you are looking for, it is important to decided on your priorities early. We recommend browsing egg donor candidates and getting a sense of who is out there to help donate their eggs and build your family. Then, narrow down your criteria.

You may be looking for an egg donor who shares your ethnicity, a local egg donor, an egg donor within a certain cost range, or other factors. Knowing what is most important to you will help you make a decision you feel good about. This will help you begin your 2023 egg donor search with confidence.

Prepare to move quickly

We started Tulip to provide access to the largest egg donor database in the world. We offer thousands of egg donor candidates from 70+ agencies on one site for you to search. We are proud to provide an unprecedented number of egg donor candidates directly to hopeful parents, but it is also important to remember that each egg donor candidate is a completely unique individual, and her donor status may change at any time.

It is key for hopeful parents to act quickly when you find an egg donor you really connect with. In 2023, the start of the year will be a busy time for egg donor agencies and clinics. If you find your top egg donor, we encourage you to match with her quickly, because there are many other hopeful parents beginning their search in 2023 as well.

Egg donation in 2023

In 2023, we know that the world of egg donation and third-party fertility will continue to evolve. We are seeing a growing trend toward openness around egg donation thanks to legislation passed surrounding donor anonymity in the past years. We are also seeing more and more resources for donor conceived people, communities sharing their egg donation stories, and public figures speaking about assisted reproduction in 2023. We expect 2023 to be a big year for egg donation. We are looking forward to supporting more families as traditional expectations around family-building shift to a more open, supportive and compassionate space for everyone involved.

Frequently asked questions about egg donation in 2023

How to find an egg donor in 2023?

If you are beginning your egg donor search in 2023 and want access to the largest egg donor database, you can sign up for Tulip Fertility and receive a FREE month of Tulip Premium. Browse nearly 20,000 donors, chat securely with egg donor agency professionals, and find your top egg donor now.

Where can I find the best egg donor in 2023?

Everyone pursuing egg donation has unique needs and a different background. You can search nearly 20,000 donors on the Tulip egg donor database by ethnicity, medical background, education, physical attributes and more. There is no one “ideal donor” for every family, and we are proud to help hopeful parents find diverse egg donors of all backgrounds in 2023.

What does 2023 mean for egg donation?

We expect some changes in 2023. We expect there to be additional legislative development around fertility treatments as a whole, and gamete donation specifically, in 2023. We hope the legislative landscape continues evolving to provide support, transparency, and the best options possible for hopeful parents. We also expect the trend toward known donation and openness to continue as states introduce bills limiting anonymous egg donation and more parties speak out to encourage gamete donation transparency online.

What is the best egg donor agency in 2023?

There is no single best egg donor agency – many egg donor agencies specialize in recruiting egg donors of different backgrounds or egg donors who live in specific metropolitan areas. The egg donor agency or clinic you choose should be the one that is working with the egg donor candidate who best fits your family. You can browse nearly 20,000 egg donor candidates from 70+ agencies on Tulip’s egg donor database now.


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