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Tulip was founded to expand fertility access and provide the best possible egg donation options for intended parents. We believe that part of expanding fertility access is transparency – which is why we are committed to sharing Tulip’s partner Egg Donation Agencies for our users to review or browse on their own. The purpose of Tulip is to unite thousands of donors from 70+ agencies in one place, and we are proud to partner only with egg donation agencies, egg banks, and clinics that have met strict requirements. If any of our Tulip users are interested in browsing the individual egg donation agencies on Tulip, you can find our full list of partner agencies here.

We reached out to our partner agencies for more information on their mission, their teams, and the services they provide for hopeful parents. Read on for more information on our partner agency Gifted Journeys.

Tell us about your agency – what is your company’s history and mission?

Gifted Journeys was founded in 2009 by industry veterans with the intention of helping all types of hopeful parents, both domestic and international, to expand their families through egg donation and surrogacy. We believe that love makes a family and that all hopeful parents deserve respect and transparency throughout their journey.

What advice do you have for intended parents beginning the egg donation process?

Most intended parents find one or more donor’s they feel would be a good match for them within the first couple of months of looking. If you find that you aren’t finding the right donor, or there is always something keeping you from moving forward, that is a good time to stop and soul-search and be sure you heart is ready to move forward with this journey. Also, one thing we have learned over the years is that most donor-conceived offspring are curious about their biological connection. Giving your future child the opportunity to learn or ask questions about their egg donor is the safest, healthiest option to make for their future mental health. One of the most challenging parts of assisted reproduction is being able to let go of how you thought this journey would be, and trusting that the challenges you’ve met along the way will bring you the child you are meant to have.

Why do you do what you do? What makes the hard work worth it?

Working in the assisted reproduction field isn’t easy. We recognize that most intended parents wish they didn’t have to use our services, it’s an imperfect “human” process and it’s expensive. We don’t want to add any more stress or challenges to the hopeful parents we work with. However, we also recognize that creating a family is often a practice in the art of perseverance, and when our intended parents hang in there and we see the strength of their resolve to create their family, it is worth it every time. After 22 years in our industry, it never stops being amazing to get updates about children we have helped bring into this world. Nothing else is truly more rewarding.

What makes your agency different or special?

We believe that the egg donation process isn’t just “science”, but a human journey. We encourage open egg donations and ethical, conscientious decisions along the way for both the health of your donor and your future child(ren). Our president was also the co- founder of the national ethics organization, The Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy, and was on the board who created the very first ethical standards for egg donation and surrogacy agencies in the United States.



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