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Tulip Partner: Compassionate Beginnings

Tulip was founded to expand fertility access and provide the best possible egg donation options for intended parents. We believe that part of expanding fertility access is transparency – which […]

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How much does egg donation cost?

Egg donation cost calculator The cost of using an egg donor generally ranges from $35,000 to $110,000 and will vary depending on the medical clinic you use, location and the […]

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Fertility funding resources

We are passionate about expanding fertility access, and we believe fertility treatments should be accessible to everyone. The cost of fertility can be one of the largest barriers to family […]

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Fertility counseling

Third-party fertility is a complex process, and we want to make sure that every Tulip member begins their egg donor search feeling prepared. That includes feeling mentally and emotionally prepared […]

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How to find a fertility clinic

If you’ve decided you want to start your family using donor conception, the first thing you’ll need to find is a fertility clinic. There are approximately 500 fertility clinics across […]

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Egg Donor Agency Partners

Tulip partners with the best egg donor agencies and fertility clinics to give intended parents as many options as possible. When you find your egg donor with Tulip, you know […]

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How to find an egg donor

There are three typical paths to finding an egg donor – clinic, frozen egg bank, or egg donor agency. Clinics are less expensive and have pre-screened, pre-approved donors but often […]

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Egg donation: getting started

Looking to another person to help create your family can feel like a huge step. The egg donation process can raise many issues for couples, singles and families, so don’t […]

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Egg donation and genetic testing

Genetic testing is an important part of the fertility and egg donation process. Your egg donor will undergo genetic testing prior to beginning her egg retrieval cycle to ensure that […]

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