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Tulip was founded to expand fertility access and provide the best possible egg donation options for intended parents. We believe that part of expanding fertility access is transparency – which is why we are committed to sharing Tulip’s partner Egg Donation Agencies for our users to review or browse on their own. The purpose of Tulip is to unite thousands of donors from 70+ agencies in one place, and we are proud to partner only with egg donation agencies, egg banks, and clinics that have met strict requirements. If any of our Tulip users are interested in browsing the individual egg donation agencies on Tulip, you can find our full list of partner agencies here.

We reached out to our partner agencies for more information on their mission, their teams, and the services they provide for hopeful parents. Read on for more information on our partner agency Graceful Beginnings.

Tell us about your agency – what is your company’s history and mission?

Graceful Beginnings is dedicated to providing specialized, comprehensive support to hopeful parents seeking their ideal egg donor. The agency connects hopeful parents with premium egg donors who have been carefully vetted and screened. We also provide hands-on support to both the hopeful parents and egg donors through each step of the amazing process of egg donation.

The agency was founded by the mother and daughter pair Anna Lee Hicks and Bailey Gaddis. Anna Lee has more than 20 years of experience as an IVF nurse with over half of those years specializing in Egg Donation and Surrogacy working for a top fertility clinic, and as an owner for the past egg donor agency Alternative Conceptions Today. Anna Lee has a unique appreciation and empathy with hopeful parents seeking the gift of donor eggs, as she faced fertility issues of her own. She was blessed with the birth of her son at the age of 44.

Bailey has worked in the fertility industry for over a decade as an egg donor coordinator. She has also been an egg donor numerous times and has an in-depth understanding of how to support both hopeful parents and egg donors through egg donation.

Bailey and Anna Lee opened Graceful Beginnings Egg Donation after Bailey experienced a pregnancy loss and fertility struggles when trying to conceive her second child. That journey inspired them to do all they could to support others on their path to parenthood.

What advice do you have for intended parents beginning the egg donation process?

Know that the ideal egg donor is out there. It can feel overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating, when you first begin your search, but you will eventually have that amazing moment when you find the right donor.

You can also simplify this process by making a list of the qualities your ideal donor would have. If you have a partner, create this list together. Starting with these parameters can help you narrow your search as you peruse donors through a resource such as Tulip. However, once you create this list, know that your favorite donor might not check all your boxes, and that’s okay! An important aspect of the egg donation process is a willingness to be flexible and trust your instincts.

Lastly, lean on the egg donation agency you select for support. We are here to offer guidance and reassurance as you follow this exciting path to parenthood.

Why do you do what you do? What makes the hard work worth it?

We are honored to support those hoping to build a family, and the altruistic women willing to donate their eggs. The joy we feel when hopeful parents take that positive pregnancy test is unmatched. We happily work weekends and late into the night if it means helping hopeful parents take the next step towards parenthood.

What makes your agency different or special?

Our agency prides itself on being incredibly hands-on and doing everything we can to build positive relationships with hopeful parents and egg donors. We don’t view hopeful parents as just clients and donors as just a number on a database. Everyone we work with is special and deserving of our full attention and care.

In addition, one of our founders was an egg donor multiple times and has a deep understanding of the nuances of the egg donation process. Our founders also have significant empathy for the struggles many hopeful parents experience, as we both navigated years of fertility struggles.



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