I am looking for a Miami, Florida egg donor, but I found a donor based elsewhere that I want to move forward with. Can I choose a donor located further from me?

If you’ve found an egg donor based in a different location, you can absolutely move forward with a cycle, but there are some considerations. You will do a travel cycle, which means your egg donor will travel to your clinic, as the clinic needs to manage her medications and egg retrieval procedure. 

If you were searching Miami, Florida egg donors because you are using a Florida fertility clinic but found a donor located elsewhere, you will first need to ensure she is open to travel to your clinic. You will also need to pay for her travel costs to and from your clinic. If you are willing to do so and your donor is open to travel, then you can absolutely have a successful cycle. To connect with your egg donor’s agency and confirm whether a travel cycle is an option, you will need to sign up for Tulip Premium.


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