How much does egg donation cost? Egg donor cost and more

Everyone considering egg donation wonders the same thing: How much does using an egg donor cost? What is the total spend for fertility treatments, attorney fees, and the egg donation cost? Let’s break it down!

We’re all about transparency, and the number one question we get asked is, “How much does an egg donor cost?” The answer isn’t simple – it can vary quite a bit based on your individual needs and preferences – so we’re here to dive deep into each step involved with egg donor costs and related fees. If you already understand the egg donation process, jump down to our chart below for a streamlined egg donor cost breakdown.

So, there’s more to the egg donor cost than just donor compensation? 

That’s right. Compensation for the donor’s part is one of the larger pieces of egg donor cost, but there are other fees to plan for when you’re starting out on your donor egg journey. Egg donation costs include medical processes, insurance, attorneys, travel expenses and sometimes agencies or frozen egg bank costs. All of these pieces carry a range of associated fees, and are really important to consider as you picture how to approach your financial planning for an egg donor journey.

Egg Donor Agency Fees vs. Clinic Egg Donor Costs

Where you find your egg donor will probably impact your total egg donor cost. For example, using frozen eggs will affect your total egg donor cost, as frozen banks’ egg donor cost may be a lower “lump sum” than a fresh cycle. However, frozen egg banks have limited “lots” as options, which can be too restrictive for some intended parents.

If your egg donor is represented through an egg donor agency, there will be an egg donor agency fee to consider. If you choose a donor through your fertility clinic, you will not pay agency fees. This means that the egg donor cost will be lower, but searching just one clinic will drastically limit your options. (Psst.. if you want the most egg donor options, and the ability to search by egg donor cost, sign up and browse the Tulip egg donor database for free!)

Egg Donor Cost: Donor Compensation

The last big piece of egg donor cost is egg donor compensation. This will range significantly. Typically, the egg donor compensation portion of egg donor cost ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. Several factors influence where an egg donor may fall within this range, including whether you’re using frozen donor eggs or pursuing a fresh cycle. Also, egg donors who meet very specific criteria will charge higher compensation than others. Lastly, whether your egg donor is local or from a different region will also influence egg donor cost, as you may need to pay additional fees for her travel to your clinic.

Egg Donor Cost: Medical Fees

The first medical step is that your egg donor will need to pass psychological screening and genetic testing. Some donors have already been screened, but this is often a part of egg donor cost that falls to intended parents.

Aside from the screenings, most hopeful parents pursuing egg donation will already know a thing or two about fertility treatment costs. These are relevant for egg donation because the egg donation process is very similar to IVF (in vitro fertilization). The key difference with DEIVF, or donor egg IVF, is that your egg donor is the one undergoing follicle stimulating hormone treatments and egg retrieval. The intended mother or gestational carrier will also undergo hormone shots to prepare her body for implantation. The egg donor and intended mother will both need insurance for these medical procedures. Donor egg IVF costs and embryo creation costs are nearly always the most expensive chunk of total egg donor costs. These medical fees – insurance, medications, and screenings – are egg donor costs that are funded by the intended parents.

Egg Donor Cost: Attorney Fees

Total egg donor cost also involves legal contracts. Intended parents will need to hire an attorney for themselves and for their egg donor, so both parties can review the legal contracts. This part is fairly straightforward, but you will definitely want an experienced fertility attorney. Aside from outlining egg donor compensation and total egg donor costs, the contracts will address complex issues – from termination to possible future contact. You will want an experienced attorney to help you navigate the legal portion and address both parties’ contractual agreements beyond the egg donor costs alone.

Total Egg Donor Cost

Now that you know the potential fees that may arise during an egg donor cycle, let’s break down total egg donor cycle cost. So, how much does an egg donor cost? In total, a donor egg cycle typically costs around $40,000, but can range from around $30,000 to $60,000. This range includes:

  • Egg donor agency fees ($5,000 – $9,000)
  • Egg donor compensation ($5,000 – $15,000)
  • Donor psychological screening ($400 – $1,000)
  • Donor insurance ($400 – $500)
  • Donor expenses ($500 – $6,000)
  • Legal fees ($1,000 – $1,500)
  • IVF & embryo creation ($18,000 – $28,000)

Egg donor costs can be overwhelming, but don’t lose hope

Now you know that egg donor costs can vary from around $30,000 to $60,000, which is a significant amount of money. These numbers can feel scary, but remember that this is a rough estimate of egg donor cost.

Depending on the fertility clinic, frozen egg bank or egg donor agency, the egg donor you choose, your insurance coverage, and many other factors, egg donor costs will vary. Your agency may pre-screen donors, saving you those egg donor screening costs. Your insurance may cover or partially cover your egg donor cycle costs. Using one clinic to choose your donor and undergo all treatments may save on a good chunk of egg donation costs. And, there are fertility grants that can help you cover egg donor costs or other expenses. Doing your research will help you best understand the specific egg donor costs for your situation. 


Want even more info? Here are the most frequently asked egg donor cost questions.

How much does egg donation cost?

Total egg donation cost, on average, is around $40,000.

How much are egg donors paid?

Egg donor compensation is typically from $5,000 to $15,000.

How much does it cost to buy a donor egg?

Frozen donor egg cost breaks down to around $2,500 per egg. However, intended parents do not use a single egg. They purchase a cohort of several eggs from a frozen egg bank or clinic to ensure the best chance of fertilization. This also does not include the cost of IVF and embryo creation. A fresh donor cycle including embryo creation and implantation will typically cost around $40,000.

Can I find a cheap egg donor?

There are more ways to reduce egg donor cost than you may think, including considering frozen eggs or choosing a local clinic donor. With Tulip, you can also search nearly 20,000 donors by egg donor cost to find the egg donor that works best for you.

Do I get a refund of the egg donor cost?

If your donor doesn’t pass her medical screening or changes her mind, most egg donor agencies will offer a partial refund or apply your fees to a new donor. But this is something you need to clarify before you sign the initial agency agreement. Our recommendation is to retain an attorney who specialises in assisted reproduction law who will go through the agreements with you and address these issues.  

What are the ranges for donor egg cost?

The range of egg donor costs are broken down here:

Itemized Egg Donor Costs Low


Egg donor agency fees

$5,000 $9,000

Egg donor compensation

$5,000 $15,000

Donor psychological screening

$400 $1,000

Donor insurance



Donor expenses $500


Legal fees $1,000


IVF & embryo creation $18,000


Total Egg Donor Cost $30,300





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