Tulip Joins Forces with Cryos International to Bring Frozen Donor Eggs to Its Database

The addition of frozen eggs to the Tulip platform will offer intended parents unparalleled choice to build their families.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 8, 2021: Tulip, the world’s largest egg donor database and trusted resource for intended parents to find their ideal donor, and Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank, announce a new partnership to offer intended parents access to their frozen egg donors when searching for a match within Tulip’s database. 

“Our mission is to provide access to as many donor options for intended parents as possible when they navigate this complex and challenging process,” said Gail Sexton Anderson, Co-founder of Tulip. “The addition of frozen eggs to our existing fresh-only donor egg database means that intended parents can now have a choice and weigh pros and cons between both fresh and frozen eggs when choosing a donor.”

There are a number of reasons why intended parents may opt for frozen eggs over fresh. Typically, the cost of utilizing frozen eggs is lower than working with fresh ones. Frozen eggs are also ready when the intended parents are, with zero wait time and coordination required for a donor cycle to complete. Lastly, frozen eggs  may be a better choice if the intended parents are seeking to have only one child, as eggs are frozen and sold in cohorts of six, unlike fresh cycles where 15 to 30 eggs could be retrieved.

“Partnering with Tulip represents an important step for our organization as we seek to broaden  awareness of our egg bank to intended parents worldwide,” said Corey Burke, Tissue Bank Director of Cryos International. “With a pregnancy rate of 75% and delivery of frozen eggs in as little as two days, our option enables intended parents to have an important alternative to lengthy and more costly fresh donor cycles.”

The Tulip platform is HIPAA compliant, and uses blockchain technology to protect personal data. Tulip also enables intended parents who prefer personalized and comprehensive fertility support to seamlessly transition to Donor Concierge, where an experienced team of case managers are available. In fact, many of the Donor Concierge case managers have themselves been egg donors and/or gestational carriers, as well as parents of children conceived via egg donation and surrogacy.

To better understand the differences between fresh and frozen eggs or to begin your search across Tulip’s 20,000 egg donors, please visit www.tulipfertility.com

About Tulip

Tulip is the world’s largest egg donor search platform encompassing donors from 90% of the fertility agencies in the United States. Intended parents everywhere can easily search Tulip’s proprietary database of 20,000 egg donors and gain access to a wealth of educational, medical, legal and genetic resources. Founded by the team that built Donor Concierge, the leading third-party fertility service, Tulip takes the frustration and challenge out of the donor process, enabling intended parents to create the family they’ve always dreamed of. www.tulipfertility.com 

About Cryos International

Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank and first free-standing, independent egg bank in the U.S. Cryos is here to help people make the dream of having a child come true. For over 30 years, Cryos has provided specialized reproductive products, excellent customer care, and personal consultation to customers. Sperm donors and egg donors come from all backgrounds and can be used for both home insemination and fertility treatments at IVF clinics. The company ships to more than 100 countries with a wide selection of high-quality, extensively screened, frozen donor sperm and donor eggs. Products are highly recommended by physicians around the world and can be purchased on the website www.cryosinternational.com


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